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Wholesale Fabric Importing & Exporting in Canada

NDF FABRICS LTD. focuses on wholesale fabric importing and exporting in Canada. Call us!

We have automotive upholstery and carpet for sale.

Wholesale Fabric Importing

NDF FABRICS LTD. imports wholesale fabrics from around the world for the satisfaction of our wide range of clientele. Be it automotive upholstery, or fashion textiles, we have a comprehensive range of products.

Our mission is simple: to provide our esteemed clients with the best fabrics from around the world. Get in touch with our staff for quality imported fabrics and upholstery!

Importing quality fabrics and upholstery

Linnen fabric Vaughan Ontario Canada
 Wholesale Fabric Importing & Exporting Vaughan Ontario Canada

Wholesale Fabric Exporting

NDF FABRICS LTD. exports wholesale fabrics to various parts of the world. From North and South America to Africa and Asia, we have a global network of faithful clients eager to buy our products and do business.

Our authentic fabrics and excellent customer service are what makes our clients keep coming back and also keep referring us to other organizations. Call us today!

A worldwide network of faithful clients


Our Strengths:

  • Almost 4 decades in the fabrics trade
  • A wide selection of fabrics
  • Global delivery
  • Experienced and friendly staff
  • 100,000 sq ft warehouse

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