Wholesale Fabric Dealer and Importer/Exporter of Upholstery, Drapery, Automotive Clothing and other Textiles


NDF Product Offering


Automotive - Upholstery & Fabrics


Automotive vinyl body cloth


Automotive vinyl


Automotive body cloth with foam


Automotive carpet


Automotive headliner


Automotive Thread


Automotive body cloth


Bus Velvet


Fine European Leathers

Upholstery & Fabrics - Drapery/Clothing


Chenille fabric plain


Chenille fabric​​​​


Furniture Velvet


Flock Velvet


Office Tweed


Office Crape




Office Divider Cloth


Jacuard Fabric


Damask Fabric


Linnen Upholstery


Drapery Fabric


Furniture Vinyl


Plain Cotton


Printed Cotton


Waterproof Fabric plain


Waterproof Fabric printed


Stretch Clothing Fabric


Swade Upholstery


Boat Covering Fabric


Contract Vinyl


Furniture Fabric Plain


Furniture Fabric Stripes


Imitation Fur


Ready-Made Drapery


Wool Fabric


Furniture Velvet

Upholstery Sewing Equipment

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