Wholesale Fabric Dealer and Importer/Exporter of Upholstery, Drapery, Automotive Clothing and other Textiles

Our Story

NDF Fabrics first started in April of 1980. Founder and President, Nick De Francesco, acquired his industry experience while working at a Canadian based furniture company of The Breamore Group and also known as Standard Reupholstering Co.

Nick acted as the buyer of fabrics for various furniture lines.

Although furniture was his first love, Nick found fabrics to be more promising. He opened his first wholesaler outlet in a small 1500 sq ft unit, with his wife, one employee and his then thirteen year old son, Anthony. With a lot of hard work and a little luck, NDF gained a good reputation in the industry. Nick then moved the business from one small unit to two units which was quickly followed by a third. In 1986, Nick built his first 20,000 sq foot warehouse. However, soon after, this did not suffice.

NDF had built a reputation for large selections of textiles at great prices. Another space had to be rented to hold the growing stock of upholstery & drapery textiles. By 1992, the warehouse was 80,000 sq ft and Nick's three children, Anthony, Steve & Danielle joined NDF Group which rapidly expanded the entire business. This time, the expansion included offering upholstery supplies under the Total Supplies division. Nick felt the need to build yet another warehouse so in November of 1995, Nick and his family moved the business to its present location at a plant of 100,000 sq ft. Today, NDF Group is enjoying a strong business reputation for value and quality in the wholesale fabric industry.

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