Wholesale Fabric Dealer and Importer/Exporter of Upholstery, Drapery, Automotive Clothing and other Textiles

Furniture Upholstery in Canada

NDF FABRICS LTD. carries a huge selection of furniture upholstery.

We have more than 38 years of experience in the fabric business.

Quality Sofa Upholstery

NDF FABRICS LTD. provides quality sofa upholstery at affordable prices. We import fabrics from top manufacturers around the world to ensure you have the best product on the market.

Whether you're a small carpenter or furniture factory owner, we carry a large collection of the most beautiful upholstery to satisfy your needs. Give us a call!

Internationally sourced furniture upholstery

 Furniture Upholstery Vaughan Ontario Canada
 Furniture Upholstery & Fabrics Vaughan Ontario Canada

Wide Range of Furniture Fabrics

NDF FABRICS LTD. carries a wide range of furniture upholstery and fabrics in our 100,000 sq ft warehouse, including:


  • Chenille fabric both plain and cut patterns
  • Furniture velvet
  • Flock velvet
  • Office tweed
  • Office crape
  • Office divider clothing


Check out our collection of upholstery and fabrics online for more details!

A huge selection of the best furniture fabrics


Why Choose Us?

  • Highly-experienced fabric dealer
  • Huge selection of imported fabrics
  • Global delivery of our products
  • Automotive upholstery available
  • Automotive carpet
  • Waterproof fabric

We have all the fabrics you need!

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